YES, Family Alliance Network is open and operating in accordance with State and CDC recommendations/ordinances….

At Family Alliance Network health and safety is paramount for our employees and service participants. We are monitoring daily updates from the State of TX Health Department, The CDC and The Who referent to COVID-19 Prevention and Precautions, to ensure your safety.

Family Alliance Network has taken extra measures to protect our participants, employees, and staff, including but not limited to:

→ Providing and wearing disposable masks/gloves
→ Social distancing during the provision of services, inclusive of limiting direct contact and temporarily supsending face: face collaborative collateral meetings
→ Taking temperatures
→ Blood Pressure and Oxygen Level checks
→ Proviing santization satations and wiping down all touch points;
→ Team Cleaning daily and Professional Cleaning weekly
→ Offering learning, meeting and visitation options for participants and guest: via Zoom, FaceTime, online or via phone.